2022 Chevy Tahoe, Suburban get price increases


Chevrolet reworked a few key features on the 2022 Tahoe and Suburban, changes that it plans to charge for. All but the base LS trim get a new 12-inch digital gauge display to replace the former eight-incher, and navigation will be standard equipment displayed on the 10.2-inch infotainment touchscreen. Lane-keeping assist and parking sensors are also now standard, while Reverse Automatic Braking is added to the Enhanced Display and Alert package on the top trims. Finally, the 6.2-liter V8 option is expanded to the Z71, RST and Premier trim levels, but with the exception of the Premier, it requires selecting one or more packages.

Based on prices on the Tahoe configurator, here are the MSRPs for the 2022 truck after the $1,695 destination fee, and the price differentials compared to 2021. All models listed are two-wheel drive save the Z71, which can only be bought with four-wheel drive:

  • LS $51,295 ($600)
  • LT $55,995 ($1,300)
  • RST $59,095 ($1,400)
  • Z71 $61,195 ($1,300)
  • Premier $64,495 ($800)
  • High Country $71,395 ($800)

Note, these are the MSRPs before the discounts General Motors is building in to account for missing features due to the chip shortage. Those discounts can be as small as the $50 savings on the base LS trim, to $1,600 taken off the High Country.

The Suburban sees those same savings, but also gets the same price increases. The new MSRPs for the 2022 Suburban are: 

  • LS $54,595 ($600)
  • LT $59,995 ($1,300)
  • RST $63,195 ($1,400)
  • Z71 $65,195 ($1,300)
  • Premier $67,995 ($800)
  • High Country $74,895 ($800)

Seems that making navigation standard is where most of the price plumping comes from. On the 2021 models, getting navigation also means getting the Rear Seat Media System, the duo sold as a package for $2,490. By splitting those two features up, Chevy makes more on both; the 2022 Tahoe and Suburban configurators show a price of $1,995 for the Rear Seat Media System, just $495 less than when it came with navigation. 

If you can find a 2021 Tahoe or Suburban in stock and you know you want navigation and rear media for the kids, and you don’t care about the larger gauge cluster display — or you just want the base LS trim — might make sense to hightail it to a dealer.

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