2022 Ford Explorer costs a little more, starts at $34,540


The 2022 Ford Explorer enters the calendar year with another price increase. Ford Authority picked up on the MSRP adjustments, this one being at least the second that we know of. Most bumps are no more than a couple hundred dollars at most, but one of them is nearly four figures. Pricing for the 2022 Explorer lineup and the differences from the last 2021 pricing we posted on in October 2021 is:

  • Base $34,540 ($195)
  • XLT $37,440 ($945)
  • ST-Line $46,040 ($295)
  • Limited $46,790 ($110)
  • Timberline $47,540 ($105)
  • ST $48,540 ($120)
  • King Ranch $54,855 (N/C)
  • Platinum $53,740 (N/C)

Part of the increase has come from the higher destination charge, which we’ve included and which went up at some point by $50 to $1,295.

We hadn’t posted figures for the Limited Hybrid RWD and Platinum Hybrid RWD in our post covering every aspect of the 2022 Explorer. The former trim starts at $50,280 before destination, which Ford Authority says is a $175 increase. Add the higher destination charge and you’re at $51,575 and a $225 rise for the Limited Platinum Hybrid. The latter trim has been priced recently enough to avoid increases save for the destination charge, and it costs $53,410 after destination. 

The Explorer trim lineup gains the ST-Line for 2022, but this is also the first full year for the Explorer Timberline and King Ranch. The ST-Line gets the regular ST’s design and chassis upgrades but sticks with the base four-cylinder engine (the regular ST can also now be paired with rear-wheel drive). The Explorer King Ranch is consistent with the F-150 and Expeditions of the same name: special badging and interior color schemes applied to a range-topping trim level. In this case, it’s on par with the Platinum, including its standard turbo V6 that’s been tuned to produce the same 400 horsepower as in the Explorer ST. Finally, there’s the new Timberline that provides the Explorer with some long-missing off-road chops by hiking up the ride height and clearance angles, and adding a Torsen limited-slip diff, a recalibrated suspension, all-terrain tires, under-body protection and the beefy dampers from Explorer Police Interceptors (albeit retuned). It also gets special exterior and interior design flourishes.

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