2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E prices jacked up across the board


Prices for the 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E are going up across the board. Depending on the trim, the price could be as little as $1,000 higher than before, or as much as $2,000 more.

Ford didn’t officially announce this price change in a flashy press release, but CarsDirect reported last week that the increase was coming, and we just noticed the new pricing on Ford’s configurator to confirm the news. Below, you’ll find the new starting prices for all Mach-E trims and the dollar amount increase above Ford’s original 2022 model year pricing announced earlier this year.

Select RWD: $44,995 ($1,000 increase)
Select AWD: $47,695 ( $1,000 increase)

Premium RWD: $50,200 ($1,000 increase)
Premium AWD: $52,900 ($1,000 increase)
Premium RWD Extended Range Battery option: $56,200 ($2,000 increase)
Premium AWD Extended Range Battery option: $58,900 ($2,000 increase)

California Route 1 RWD: $53,875 ($2,000 increase)
California Route 1 AWD: $56,575 ($2,000 increase)

GT: $63,095 ($2,000 increase)
GT Performance: $69,095 ($2,000 increase)

If you got your 2022 Mach-E right before this rather hefty price increase, count yourself lucky. It’s rare that we see such large price hikes mid model year to any car, but here we are. All that said, this price increase pales in comparison to the rapid-fire price increases we’ve seen from the Tesla Model Y over the past year. Compared to early 2021, the Model Y Long Range is nearly $10,000 more today. And no, Tesla has not released any significant updates to go along with the price increases.

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