2022 Subaru WRX fuel economy drops with manual, improves with auto


When it comes to numbers, the 2022 Subaru WRX isn’t much different from its predecessor. It has similar power and torque, and is similarly sized. And now it turns out fuel economy isn’t much different either. In fact, depending on the configuration, it’s actually worse than before.

The manual WRX is still the most efficient, but it’s less efficient than last year’s manual. In the city it gets 19 mpg, highway 26. Combined fuel economy is 22 mpg. All of these are down 1 mpg from the previous generation.

On the plus side, the CVT-equipped WRX has improved by 1 mpg in town and highway for 19 and 25 mpg respectively. Combined fuel economy of 21 mpg is the same as last year’s.

These number still trail the competition, though. The Elantra N gets 23 mpg combined with a dual-clutch automatic, and 25 mpg with a manual transmission. It also has about the same amount of horsepower as the WRX, albeit without all-wheel drive. The VW GTI, with a bit less power, manages 28 mpg combined, regardless of transmission. And the less powerful still but also still fun and similarly priced Honda Civic Si is a fuel miser with 31 mpg.

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