‘365 Days’ sequel to release on Netflix later this month


Netflix’s ‘steamiest’ film, 365 Days became one of the most-watched films in Pakistan when it hit the streaming giant in 2020. The raunchy Polish film managed to stay in the Top 10 watches on Netflix for a few months, as fans waited for a sequel after a nail-biting cliffhanger at the end of its first installment. 

A sequel to the drama is finally on the way, and it arrives later this month! The film, which will hit Netflix on April 27, will unsurprisingly star Anna Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone, who will reprise their roles of Laura Biel and Don Massimo respectively. 

Critically, 365 Days was received extremely poorly, and even amongst the millions that watched it weren’t particularly impressed by the story. What had subscribers talking and watching was the incredibly graphic and sexual scenes littered throughout the film. So, even though 365 Days was a car crash, it was a “sexy” one at that.

Morrone previously explained how doing the film was a challenge for him, according to British Asia. “It was something I had never done in my life. In my previous movie (‘Bar Giuseppe’) I had played a drug dealer and I had lost nine kilos. I had never played a sex addict and Massimo was a sex addict. It was a challenge for me to understand that kind of psychology,” IANS quoted Morrone as saying.

The Polish film had first hit the screens in Poland and then landed on a digital platform. Soon, Morrone became an overnight sensation and his Instagram page was flooding with emojis, and messages. Talking about the female fan’s attention, he said with a smile, “I feel very good because I can feel the love from all the people. It’s part of the game.”

But Morrone assures us that being in the limelight hasn’t changed him. He shared that the only change that has happened in his life, after the success of the film, was his wallet. “I am still the man that I used to be two to three years ago, but much more comfortable. I have the same passion every time I get a new offer, and I like a project. I still feel the way I used to feel two years ago. My love for the job hasn’t changed,” said the actor.

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