6 expert-recommended ways to stay happy in trying times


Mehezabin Dordi, a medical psychologist shares about happiness, “It is an emotional state characterised by pleasure, satisfaction, contentment and fulfilment. Our ranges of happiness are strongly associated to our wellbeing and sense of objective.” She tells the Hindustan Times that happiness saves individuals mentally and physically. It prevents heart problems, stress levels, allows better sleep and enables a healthy eating regimen. It also helps maintain a traditional physique, additionally aiding in constructing resilience and improving cognitive capabilities.

Revealing why some individuals find it more durable to be happier than others, Marketing consultant Psychiatrist at World Hospital in Parel Mumbai, Dr Jalpa Bhuta, revealed, “All of us wish to be completely satisfied however happiness typically comes from inside. Learn to tame unfavourable ideas.” Sharing his personal experience, advisor psychologist and psychotherapist, HOD-Division of Psychology at Mumbai’s Masina Hospital, Dr Sahir Jamati, added, “Everyone knows that psychological well being is advanced and is multifaceted and there may be numerous components that will have an effect on a person’s psychological well-being. Happiness can also be one of many vital points.”

Thereby, in these trying times, here are six ways to focus our minds on staying happy and consequently, healthy, as proposed by experts shared by the Hindustan Times.

1. When faced with setbacks, while some individuals appear to crumble, others maneuver ahead. One sensible option, as per Dr Sahir, is to develop resilience. And that does not mean to disregard unfavourable emotions but to accept and adapt to unlucky occasions and setbacks so bouncing back becomes easier.

2. He also recommends acknowledging the good as a substitute of pondering on all the unfavourable. “Show gratitude for the intangible like having a loving associate or mates who uplift you. Be thankful for your kids, among others.”

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3. A research shows only about 10% of a person’s happiness depends on their situation. Dr Jalpa advises, “Don’t try to stop negative thoughts. Instead, treat yourself like a friend. Ask yourself what advice would you give to a friend who was down because of whatever it is that’s hurting you. Now try to apply that advice.”

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4. Mehezabin feels it is also important to understand that engaging in certain “intentional activities” also aid in enhancing happiness.” Activities like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, journaling and gratitude, inculcate stability of the mind, keeping you positive and enabling you to navigate with a calmer state of mind.

5. Dr Sahir says it is also our duty to surround ourselves with constructive and enjoyable, loving individuals who can carry us up, as a substitute of being with those that demotivate and instigate concern. This allows us to improve our temperament and cope up nicely.

6. It is also highly recommended to take out time for hobbies that make us happy, like gathering shells, taking part in music, drawing, gardening, sports, among others.

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