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Janhvi Kapoor is one of the most stunning and talented actors amongst the current generation. The starlet, the eldest daughter of late legendary superstar Sridevi and producer Boney Kapoor, has wowed audiences with her stints in films including Dostana 2 and Dhadak. On the fashion front, she has always made headlines for her red carpet appearances as well as her glamorous enviable make-up looks. But did you know she is extremely particular when it comes to taking care of herself? Janhvi is someone who believes in following a strict skincare regiment.

In a recent interview with Mashable, Janhvi admitted her skincare helps to keep her looking fresh and glowing. “I make it a point to have a nice shower every time I’m getting a little sweaty or icky. I need to have a hot shower, it really opens up my pores,” she said.

The beautiful actress also revealed the seven natural products she swears by when it comes to skincare. “I only use natural products like milk, honey, malai, yogurt, and fruits. And before sleeping, I mix rosewater and glycerine and I put it on my skin,” Janhvi added.

Compiled from Pinkvilla, here are some benefits of the seven natural yet super-affordable products which are a part of Janhvi’s super skincare routine.

1. Milk
This powerful drink is one of the best natural skin cleansers as it contains natural lactic acid. It removes dirt and sebum from the pores while keeping the skin moisturised. Milk also helps with delaying the signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles. It is also used to cure various skin problems including sun burns and tanning. Milk also acts as a natural toner that adds radiance to the skin.

2. Honey
Honey acts as a gentle exfoliator that deeply cleanses the skin. The regular usage of honey also helps in lightening the scars and dark spots on the skin. It aids in reviving dull and tanned skin by adding a subtle glow to the skin and leaving it deeply moisturised. Regular usage of honey can also prevent the signs of aging and treat sun damage effectively.

3. Malai
Malai aka milk cream is a holy grail natural product for those who have dry skin. It deeply moisturises dry and lifeless skin, along with gently exfoliating it. Malai can be used both alone and mixed with other natural products including haldi, besan, or lemon juice depending on your skin type, to remove dark spots and skin pigmentation on the skin. 

4. Yoghurt
Yogurt is a star product that benefits the skin in multiple ways. Regular usage of yogurt can maintain the pH balance of the skin. It deeply moisturizes the skin while also providing gentle exfoliation. Yoghurt is used to calm down sensitive, acne-prone skin, and can reduce inflammation and skin infections to a great extent. It is also an excellent anti-aging agent.

5. Fruits
Fruits are excellent natural sources of all skin-friendly components including anti-oxidants and Vitamin C. The regular consumption of fruits in both the diet and skincare regimen helps in collagen production, which helps in delaying the signs of aging. Fruits like papaya, lemon, banana, and others are used to treat pigmentation, acne scars and other skin concerns.

6. Rosewater
Rosewater is a natural skincare product with multiple benefits. It acts as both a cleanser and toner, as it gently cleans the skin while leaving it deeply moisturised. The biggest benefit of rosewater is that it can be used for all skin types and has almost zero side effects. Regular usage of rosewater will add radiance to the skin.

7. Glycerine
Glycerine is an affordable product that helps the skin in many ways. It is a great ingredient to add to the skincare routine, to strengthen the skin barrier. It calms down irritated and inflamed skin. Glycerine can be used in treating extremely dry skin and various other concerns including dark spots and discolouration.

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