Afghanistan Government Seeks Greater Role In Distribution of Foreign Aid

The aid dependant country, Afghanistan is facing the worst humanitarian crisis as the result of decades of conflicts, poverty, climate change, and now Covid, too. The situation got even worse when a new government formed last year in Afghanistan. Billions of dollars in aid and assets were frozen by the International Community leaving the Afghans in hunger and distress. Amidst all that chaos, many came forward to help the war-torn country as well. Pakistan could not afford to remain silent in the face of mounting human suffering. It not only rang alarm bells throughout the world, alerting the world to the gravity of the Afghan crisis, but it also helped the Afghan people in tangible ways. Pakistan hosted the OIC meeting that aimed to devise a mechanism for the International Community to deliver aid to Afghanistan, despite sanctions. A massive response came out from International Community in favor of the Afghan people. And there was great pressure on the US as well to help Afghanistan.
On Tuesday, The Us announced more than $308 million in humanitarian assistance and a million more coronavirus vaccine doses for the people of Afghanistan. The new funding brings the total US aid to $782 million since October 2020.
The Afghan administration proposes a joint body of its officials and international representatives to coordinate billions of dollars in this planned aid. Afghanistan’s acting Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Salam Hanafi said that the goal of this committee is coordination on a higher level for facilitating humanitarian aids of the International Community and to distribute aid for needy people. An Afghan finance ministry spokesman said discussions would take place over the next 24 hours with the UN on the proposal for the joint body.
The only thing that matters right now is that world leaders must find the solution that provides humanitarian relief and recovery assistance to the people of Afghanistan. These people have been plagued by decades of wars and conflicts and now await to have a peaceful land.

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