Afghans who helped Turkish forces demand help


Dozens of Afghan who worked with Turkish forces under the NATO mission in Afghanistan held a demonstration in front of the Turkish embassy in Kabul and called on the Turkish government to fulfill its commitments to local Afghan staff.

According to the protestors, the Turkish military had promised to pay four months’ worth of salaries, severance payment, and to evacuate them from Afghanistan, but none of the promises have been met. The protestors said that they will continue staging demonstration until their wishes are met.

Some of the protestors worked for 15-20 years as translators or in other roles with the Turkish forces. “A top Turkish general made a pledge and told us that (Turkey) will evacuate you to Turkey, and your insurance, severance payment, salaries will also be provided, but they haven’t given us a positive answer as of now. We have been asking for it for about three months. Now we came here in front of the embassy,” said Samad Rajabi.

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