All politicians’ wrongdoing combined cannot reach level of Imran Khan’s corruption: Fazl


JUI Chief Fazlur Rehman (L) and Prime Minister Imran Khan (R) — AFP/ APP
JUI Chief Fazlur Rehman (L) and Prime Minister Imran Khan (R) — AFP/ APP 
  • Fazl says PTI is a “party of thieves”.
  • Says PTI only party to introduce culture of hurling abuses in Pakistani politics.
  • Says “whatever I had already predicted about Imran Khan is turning out to be true.”

ISLAMABAD: JUI Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Wednesday took a jibe at Prime Minister Imran Khan in relation to a report released by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and said that if the wrongdoings of all the politicians are combined, they would still not be comparable to the level of corruption committed by Imran Khan.

Addressing a joint press conference along with Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Chairman Mustafa Kamal, Fazl lashed out at PM Imran khan for  “corruption and hiding foreign funding worth millions from the ECP.”

Fazl said that PTI is a “party of thieves” and it was the only party that introduced the culture of hurling abuses in politics. 

He further said that speculations are circulating about legislation of local bodies elections, but the country not only needs to run according to the Constitution but decisions throughout the four provinces should also be made accordingly.

He said that the scrutiny committee report on foreign funding has revealed everything about the ruling PTI, therefore, “whatever I had already predicted about Imran Khan is turning out to be true.”

The JUI chief — who is also the head of the anti-government alliance Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) —  said that while PM Imran always talked about ideal situations, “his practical life was against his own ideal words.”

Answering a question, Fazl said that whoever recorded Pervaiz Rasheed and Maryam Nawaz’s phone call “should not have done so, as it’s unfair to record someone’s calls.”

On the occasion, PSP chairman Mustafa kamal also seconded Fazl and said that JUI and PSP are “on the same page and the country should be run according to the Constitution.”

‘PTI only political party with proper donor base,’ PM says as he welcomes ECP report

On the other hand, PM Imran Khan on Wednesday welcomed a report by the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) scrutiny committee, which has reportedly revealed that the PTI allegedly failed to disclose millions of rupees to the ECP.

“The more our accounts are scrutinised, the more factual clarity will emerge for the nation to see how PTI is the only political party with a proper donor base premised on proper political fundraising,” the prime minister said.

However, the prime minister also said he was looking forward to seeing similar ECP scrutiny reports on the funding of two other major political parties — PPP and PML-N.

Giving the reason behind his demand, the prime minister said: “This will allow the nation to see the difference between proper [political] fundraising and extortion of money from crony capitalists and vested interests in exchange for favours at nation’s expense.”

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