Porsche Taycan coupe and convertible are still on the table

March 6, 2021 11:48 am by Web Desk

Porsche expanded the Taycan range when it unveiled a rugged-looking station wagon named Cross Turismo in March 2021. It was developed for buyers seeking a more spacious alternative to the standard sedan. The firm is now looking at the other end of the Taycan spectrum, and it hasn’t ruled out launching two-door models.

“The platform is perfect for future additional product ideas, and we are thinking in different directions,” said Stefan Weckbach, the head of the Taycan model line, in an interview with British magazine Autocar.

Thinking doesn’t always lead to doing, especially not in the automotive industry, so Weckbach’s statement isn’t a guarantee that additional variants will arrive. However, he affirmed that building a two-door convertible or a coupe on the J1 architecture that underpins the Taycan is technically feasible. There is space in the lineup, and Porsche has often talked about building a 2+2 coupe that would pick up where the 928 left off in 1995, but executives haven’t approved either variant. Demand for two-door models is shrinking globally, so the business case is difficult to make.

Another possible addition to the Taycan family is a lower version of the Cross Turismo (pictured). Possibly called Sport Turismo, a name borrowed from the long-roof Panamera, it would share its basic body with the recently-unveiled wagon but it would arrive without the extra ground clearance and the outdoorsy body cladding. Here again, the model hasn’t been approved. Whether it will largely depends on if there is demand for two electric wagons.

What’s certain is that more electric Porsche models are in the pipeline. Although the German brand is famous for its high-octane flat-sixes, it wants 80% of its lineup to be electric by 2030. It already confirmed that the next-generation Macan will exclusively be offered with an electric powertrain, though the current-generation model will be sold alongside it for an undetermined amount of time, and it said an battery-powered Cayenne is a when, not an if.

“There will be a day when we talk about an electric Cayenne,” Weckbach confirmed.

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