Backchannel talks ongoing between India and Pakistan, claims Mansha


Mian Muhammad Mansha. Photo:File
Mian Muhammad Mansha. Photo:File

Business magnet Mian Muhammad Mansha claims that he is aware of backchannel diplomacy being pursued by India and Pakistan.

Talking to the Lahore Chambers of Commerce and Industry on Wednesday, Mansha said that there should be “no permanent enemies” with the two arch rivals to work to resolve their differences. He further insisted that the two countries need to resolve their issues and increase trade.

“Till 1965, 50% to 60% of Pakistan’s trade was with India,” the chairman of Nishat Group told the gathered businesspersons, “We need peace.” He added that India had technology to offer Pakistan, and Pakistan too could offer India many things.

Mansha also claimed that there he was aware of backchannel talks being held between India and Pakistan, which could lead to positive results.

“In a month [Indian Prime Minister] Narendra Modi could come here if the two [countries] can get their act together,” he said.

The tycoon also insisted that it was time to do away with the corruption mantra to save the country, adding that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) should be shut down.

Mansha asked why the government hesitated to privatise public enterprises. Political parties, he said, favoured privatisation when in power and opposed it when in opposition.

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