Balenciaga is selling destroyed sneakers for over Rs300,000


Balenciaga has launched its latest sneakers collection which includes 100 pairs of limited-edition sneakers that are “extra destroyed”. That’s right! These babies are beaten, worn out, and selling online in Europe for $1,850 (Rs347,784).

According to the brand, these sneakers are a retooled classic design that interprets mid-century athleticism and timeless casual wear in black, white, or red, with a white rubber sole and toe featuring distressed canvas and rough edges, affecting a pre-worn look. According to a press release, shared by, the still-life portraits of the extremely dirty shoes actually suggest that the new Paris sneakers “are meant to be worn for a lifetime.”

There are, however, 100 “extra destroyed” sneakers available for sale in black or white which aren’t nearly as tattered as the exaggerated styles featured in campaign pictures. Though, to be fair, $1,850 is still a staggering number for the mildly distressed styles, even if they are Balenciaga. Having said that, the brand’s new Paris range also has some styles under $700 and they’re much less distressed and worn-out, but still appear pre-loved to say the least.

Users, albeit, are lashing out at the brand but GQ France editor Pam Boy loves the concocted idea. “The message is clear: buy and keep forever,” he wrote on Instagram. “Demna will make people who can afford luxury items purchase ‘pre-worn’ looking sneakers for 1450€. He is completely turning the essence of luxury upside down … It’s the opposite of a sybaritic mindset, and once again he is making fun of people who will indeed spend a minimum wage on items that 1. they might deem disposable and 2. which are seemingly worthless. Is a luxury house the right medium for this message? I don’t know. But I hate to love it.”

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