Best Super Bowl TV Deals 2022


Super Bowl season is upon us and that means seven-layer dip, buffalo wings, indigestion and screaming hot TV deals. In fact, the lead up to the Super Bowl is the best time to buy a TV, if you care about your wallet. You might as well pick up a sound bar or surround sound system too so you can feel like you’re standing right in front of Dr. Dre at half time. Here are our favorite deals going on right now. 

70-inch+ Deals

I don’t know about you, but when I think about my dream TVs, I’m thinking 75” and up. This 77” LG OLED more than fits the bill. Speaking of bills, this TV does clock in at nearly $3000, but can you really put a price on happiness when it has 4K resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate?

Eight-five inches, 4K ultra high resolution and 120Hz native refresh rate. This Sony LED TV is the holy grail, the promised land. It’s bigger than some of the cars we’ve reviewed and will surely be the envy of your friends, family and neighborhood. At 28% off, the price isn’t bad either.

60- to 69-inch Deals

This past year was the first time I bought a TV over 50 inches, and for most homes, 65 inches is the sweet spot. Not so large that you feel like it might fall down off the wall, pulling the entire home with it, and big enough to feel immersed in every Patrick Mahomes touchdown play. If you liked the 85-inch model above but just don’t have the space, the 65-inch version of that TV, currently 33% off, may appeal to you. It still comes with the 120Hz native refresh rate and the 4K resolution, without the hit to the wallet. 

If hitting that 65-inch mark at the lowest possible cost is what is important to you, this Hisense will get the job done. At under $500 it still brings along a lot of what makes the more expensive TVs great, like 4K resolution and a whole host of apps built in. You will be sacrificing in refresh rate, as it only has a native rate of 60Hz, but the HDR will still have the game looking great. 

50-59-inch Deal

This size range is the average for TVs in the U.S. and for good reason: they’re big enough to clearly see what is happening during the game, but also appropriately sized for a living room or bedroom. Plus, for some, getting quality over quantity is what is important. If that describes you, this 55-inch QLED from Samsung is a good bet. It’s more money than the two 65-inch TVs listed above, but what you get is performance: QLED technology, a 120HZ refresh rate and 4K resolution. This may be the best looking TV you ever set your sights on.

Under 40-inch Deal

Okay, let’s be honest, no one is buying a TV under 40 inches anymore unless you’re throwing a “The Office”-themed dinner party. But we threw this 24-inch smart TV in there in case your camper van was in need of a tiny upgrade. At this price you aren’t even getting 1080p, but at this size, you don’t really need it. What you are getting is the convenience of all your apps built in.

98-inch Deal

If you normally drive a Lambo, but also have the option of being driven around in your Bentley, this TV is for you. You have more than enough room for a 98-inch television in your house and you’ll have someone else mount it to the wall for you. At $15k this TV costs more than a used Subaru, but you’d never consider buying one of those anyway. It is the best of the best, and that’s what you deserve.

Sound bar Deals

There’s no use in spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a TV if you’re going to experience the game through the tiny built-in speakers. That’s where a sound bar, or better yet, surround sound system comes in. This 2.1 option from JBL isn’t cheap, but half of watching TV is the sound, so why skimp on quality?

While having a subwoofer and a sound bar is much better than what your TV comes with, 5.1 surround sound will make you feel like you should be wearing cleats. 

Know of any other good TV Deals? Leave them in the comments below.

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