‘Bhuttos, Sharifs responsible for Pakistan’s plight’


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan Monday said that the Bhutto and Sharif families were responsible for the country’s present situation.

In an interview to foreign media, he said Pakistan was rich in resources but the Bhutto and Sharif families had used the resources unfairly. He said his government wanted Pakistan to become a prosperous country and it was fighting against the two families, which were superrich. He alleged the two families were working to set up their dynasties in Pakistan and were responsible for the present mess in the country. He said corruption destroys a country and no society can survive without the rule of law.

Chairing a meeting of the government spokespersons, he said that PMLN President Shehbaz Sharif had robbed the people of their money. He alleged that Shehbaz and Hamza had been appointing people against government posts by taking bribe, and added that Shehbaz would be held accountable for each penny of money laundering.

The prime minister also directed the spokespersons to highlight the Sharifs’ money-laundering. Giving a briefing on the economic situation in the meeting of the spokespersons, Finance Adviser Shaukat Tareen said that soon the exchange rate of the dollar to the rupee would reduce as the government was providing a subsidy of one trillion rupees to the people. Imran reiterated that inflation is lower in Pakistan than in other countries of the world.

Moreover, the issue of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) was also discussed in the meeting of the spokespersons and the members were informed that a dead (person’s) vote was also cast in the Khanewal by-election.

Prime Minister said that the PMLN and the PPP were opposing electronic voting for the fake voting process, and insisted that EVMs were necessary for transparency in the electoral system.

Meanwhile, chairing a meeting of heads of regulatory authorities Friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said regulators had a pivotal role to play in the protection of the rights of people, ensuring effective monitoring and compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements.

He stressed the effective role of regulatory authorities to keep a check on cartels and mafias and directed all the regulators to ensure fairness and quality of services to develop the sectors they are regulating.

Heads of all the regulatory authorities held out an assurance to the Prime Minister to take effective measures for the capacity-building of their relevant authorities to ensure better service delivery to the citizens. 

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