Bilawal tells PM Imran Khan


  • Bilawal Bhutto terms splitting of working relationship with MQM-P a conspiracy.
  • PPP chairman rejects involvement of foreign elements behind the no-trust move.
  • Bilawal calls ‘Kanpen tang rahi hain‘ video a hoax.

Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari claimed to hit double century of MNA’s voting against Prime Minister Imran Khan and challenging him to bring 172 members in parliament and forget about one million, Geo News reported Tuesday.

In an interview with senior journalist Hamid Mir in Geo News Programme Capital Talk, Bilawal Bhutto said that Prime Minister’s statement to target Asif Zardari was nothing short of resorting violence against his political opponents, however, his [PM] threat was intolerable and reprehensible.

“He [Imran Khan] can foresee his defeat as he has started hurling abuse and threatening political rivals, however, he added that PM should not threaten anyone in democracy,” he said.

Bilawal said that Imran Khan had taken undemocratic step by announcing rally a day before voting as he could see the defeat clearly.

“Therefore, he wants to stop his own members from casting vote and also want to create an environment of confrontation in Islamabad,” he said

Bilawal went on to say that It’s a democratic war so let’s fight in parliament not on road where Imran Khan has to bring only 172 members and not one million.

‘Since day one I’m challenging and irritating Imran Khan’

Bilawal said that since day one he was challenging Imran Khan and that was irritating him, adding, “PM is vexed of me that how can a young boy challenge him and not let him run the government.”

“I had declared him selected on the very first day of his regime and now he maintained his identity as selected in the whole world,” he added.

PPP chairman said that Imran Khan wanted to put Asif Zardari in jail, so he could rule the country for the next five years easily, however, neither did Asif Zardari bow down nor sell himself.

On a question that If opposition successfully sails no-trust motion against PM, what will be the next course of action, Bilawal said, “If the government is ousted, we will go for electoral reforms as we want transparent elections in the country, we will consult with other parties about electoral reforms to conduct elections.”

MQM-P and PPP working relationships was damaged through a conspiracy 

Bilawal Bhutto also termed splitting of working relationship with MQM-P a conspiracy.

“Talks with the MQM-P are not heading just for the no-trust move but also for a working relationship as we want to restore partnership with MQM-P,” he said.

He said that through a conspiracy MQM-P and PPP working relationships was damaged, however, this partnership was in dire need.

Responding to Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s statement about the involvement of foreign elements behind the no-trust move against the prime minister, Bilawal Bhutto challenged and asked the PTI leader to unveil the plot.

“I challenge Shah Mehmood to reveal the foreign conspiracy behind the vote of no confidence. For the past three years, I have been telling and demanding of our Opposition friends that we should go on a long march, protest, and vote of no confidence against this government because this regime is engineered and inorganic.”

He went on to say that after three years of effort, we [opposition parties] have reached an agreement to depose this government, so where is the foreign hand in this struggle?

USA has no interest in politics of Pakistan

PPP’s chairman also rejected US involvement in a no-trust move, saying that, “USA has no interest in politics of Pakistan as the country has gone into the isolation because of him [PM].” 

Bilawal Bhutto also hoped for the success of a no-trust move against the Prime Minister with more than a simple majority.

“All the opposition parties are working hard for the success of no-trust motion and I am sure that we will oust Imran Khan with double century (200) of MNA’s voting against him,” he concluded.

‘Kanpen tang rahi hain’ video is fake

Bilawal also called a video of him fake, in which he can be seen saying ‘Kanpen tang rahi hain’ instead of ‘tangen kanp rahi hain’ (Legs are shivering).

“PTI is a master at propaganda and manipulating videos,” he claimed. “After watching this clip, I believed it was a slip of the tongue, but there was nothing like that in the original broadcast that I viewed on Geo TV,” he added.

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