PM Imran Khan says he ‘will resign tomorrow’ if Opposition ‘returns looted wealth’

February 2, 2021 10:19 pm by Web Desk

Prime Minister Imran Khan. — Prime Minister’s Office
  • PM Imran Khan makes conditional offer for resignation to Opposition, saying he will step down if they “return looted wealth”
  • Premier says Opposition “does not have the guts” to resign from assemblies; it is a move that requires “courage” and “character”
  • “Neither did they set out on a long march nor were they successful in gathering people [for their cause],” adds prime minister

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday made an offer to the Opposition to resign from office, conditional to the fact that they return the money they “stole” from the country, Geo News reported.

“I will resign tomorrow if you deposit the money you looted, back into the national exchequer,” he said.

The premier also dared the Opposition parties to make good on their threat to resign from the assemblies — one that the 11-party Opposition alliance Pakistan Democratic Movement has been claiming since it was launched in September.

“Such people do not have the guts to resign,” PM Imran Khan said, adding: “Making such a move requires courage and character.”

He also criticised the decision by major Opposition parties to contest the Senate elections.

“Neither did they set out on a long march nor were they successful in gathering people [for their cause],” the prime minster remarked.

“December 31, and then January 31, came and went,” he said, in reference to the first and then the subsequent deadline PDM had set for the premier to resign.

PDM demands govt step down by Jan 31 or face Opposition’s long march

‘Be patient,’ Maryam says

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz, in response to the premier’s challenges put to the Opposition, said that when the resignations are turned in they won’t be like certain “honest figures” who tuck tail and run when the National Assembly speaker summons them.

Referring to the time when the PTI was in the Opposition and staged a massive sit-in outside the assemblies said, referred to the irony when previously they would “curse the assemblies day and night and then come and sit in them one fine day, and earn salaries and allowances despite being absent from them”.

She asked the prime minister to “be patient” and he will see “what it is to hand in resignations”.

PM challenges Opposition to provide bank account details

A few days ago, the prime minister had also challenged the Opposition to provide details of ‘1,000 bank accounts even’ to the Election Commission of Pakistan’s scrutiny committee which is looking into the foreign funding case against PTI.

He said that the PTI has submitted details of 40,000 bank accounts through which it received funding ahead of the 2018 elections and claimed that when they are scrutinised they “will all turn up clear”.

Foreign funding probe: PM Imran Khan challenges Opposition to give details of ‘1,000 bank accounts even’

PM dares Opposition to table no-confidence motion

Earlier, in December, when the PDM’s anti-government campaign was at its peak, the prime minister had dared the Opposition to go the democratic route and table a no-confidence motion in parliament if they seek his removal.

“If the Opposition seeks to move a no-confidence motion, they should come and do so in the assemblies,” he said, criticising the call for mass resignations from assemblies by PDM chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman.

PM Imran Khan dares Opposition to table no-confidence motion in Parliament

PML-N, PPP say ‘will not leave field open’ for PTI

PML-N will contest Senate elections and stop PTI from obtaining two-thirds majority: Ahsan Iqbal

The PPP also issued similar remarks in December, declaring they will “never leave the field open”.

Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah had said the party will be participating in both by-polls and Senate elections.

‘Will never leave the field empty’: PPP will contest Senate election, by-polls, says Murad

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