Prime Minister Imran Khan envisions a Pakistani welfare state. Is it possible?

March 4, 2020 3:52 pm by dbtv social

Prime Minister Imran Khan envisions a Pakistani welfare state. Is it possible?For the past twenty years, the media has been telling the same story about Pakistan and the unrest in the country was viewed from a certain angle. All positive initiatives were ignored altogether. Today, the people of Pakistan are dealing with problems like inflation, poverty and unemployment, but in the current situation both sides of the picture need to be seen. There is no doubt that inflation has reached record levels in the country, According to the latest data from the Bureau of Statistics, inflation in January was 14.56 percent, which dropped to 12.4 percent in February. The Prime Minister launched a successful youth program to empower the youth of the country. Which will help pave the way for the youth to stand on their feet better. Health cards will be delivered to deserving people across the country by 2020. Every citizen with a health card can get free treatment up to Rs. 720,000. Apart from this, Pakistan has also flagged its success in the field of tourism. As a foreign journal called CN Traveler named Pakistan the best tourist destination of the year 2020 Last year, British Prince William and his wife Catherine Kate Middleton arrived in Islamabad on a historic visit to Pakistan. Today, Pakistan is enjoying the Pakistan Super League in its own country, and the Secretary General of the United Nations is praising Pakistan since President Trump.

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