‘Bored’ of how men dress, Maheen Khan launches clothing line


Veteran designer Maheen Khan recently announced she is finally launching a men’s line and she has her reasons. Taking to social media, the celebrated couturier shared that she was bored with the way men have been dressing as of late. Khan tweeted, “Launched a men’s line for the fashion-savvy, only because I’m so bored with the way they dress.”

Sharing a look from her newly launched venture, the designer added, “Those tight body-hugging kameezes where every seam is stretched to bursting point or the poorly cut kameez that rides up in front – like it or hate it. [It] has to be said.”

She then introduced her brand and added, “Discover Gulabo for Gentlemen, an unparalleled collection for the avant-garde set, who dare to go against the mainstream.”

The style extraordinaire, who has often been dubbed the ‘pillar’ of Pakistan’s fashion industry, is a known name in her game. With successful labels under her belt, Khan is still holding her own in the local fashion scene. Her expertise has lent her the pleasure of dressing the late Benazir Bhutto, Kate Middleton, Jemima Goldsmith and Princess Sarvath al-Hassan among other dignitaries.

In an earlier interview, Khan also shared her two cents on what Pakistan’s fashion industry really lacks. The answer is, “a consumer base of women who understand fashion,” according to Khan.

Standing up for her industry, like always, Khan asserted, “In the present circumstances, can you blame designers if we see more embellishments and less or hardly any silhouette? How many women in Pakistan want to wear a stunning silhouette sans embroidery to a wedding? I rest my case,” the veteran had asserted.

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