Chaar Darkht – Ali Gul Pir ft. Nimra Rafiq | Tea is Fantastic | Abhinandan

March 6, 2021 12:58 am by Web Desk

We are excited to share our “Fantastic Tea day’ Anthem, in collaboration with Sublo and the amazing Ali Gul Pir. This is our celebration of Pakistan’s Peace Gesture, Diplomacy, and Goodwill. We will Celebrate it as Fantastic Tea Day, where we stand by our decision of returning Wing Commander Abhinandan and averting a nuclear confrontation. We have all the respect for armed personnel from any country, who risk their lives for the security and prosperity of their nations; whether they’re from Pakistan or not. While war-mongering media outlets may think of this as our weakness, we perceive it as our strength, henceforth we now celebrate 27th Feb as ‘Fantastic Tea Day’.


Singer Ali Gul Pir

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