Encrypt your emails from end to end for a lifetime with this software


When only the utmost privacy will do for the messages you exchange by e-mail, you need a service that protects them entirely, but many additional privacy and security features are a big help.

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Hackers just keep becoming more and more successful. If you cherish your privacy and security and are looking for an alternative to something like ProtonMail, then the CTemplar End-to-End Encrypted Email Prime Plan: Lifetime Subscription should be exactly what you need.

When you want to make perfectly sure that no one but you and your recipient can access the content within your emails, you need a service offering anonymous end-to-end encryption, and that’s exactly what CTemplar provides. It’s a web-based solution that makes it possible for you to send and receive messages with absolute privacy. In fact, that privacy is also extended to anyone you’re communicating with.

There is much less chance of your data being intercepted since nobody outside the server can access your account. Your passwords are guarded, as well, so none of your sensitive data will be exposed to unauthorized users. You won’t have to worry about phishing attacks ever again, because you are protected against having your personal info and online profiles accessed by bogus sites.

This plan allows you an unlimited number of folders, with messages encrypted both at rest and in transit, including the subject, body and attachments. But you also get many other convenient features, such as an anonymized IP, virus protection, delayed delivery, self-destructing e-mails and a dead-man timer.

It’s a simple matter to share whatever you like, as well, with a remote encrypted link. Best of all, a simple click of a button is all that’s necessary to delete all of your messages and forward them on without leaving any trace of them behind. You get to enjoy total anonymity and peace of mind because CTemplar has dedicated servers with 24/7 security monitoring in Iceland, which has some of the strongest privacy laws in the world protecting anonymous usage.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to get a lifetime of end-to-end encrypted e-mail, grab this CTemplar End-to-End Encrypted Email Prime Plan: Lifetime Subscription while it’s on sale for only $199.99 (normally $960).

Prices subject to change.

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