Fakhar Zaman eyes winning ‘best batsman of the tournament’ award

Fakhar Zaman — Captured by the reporter during video interview
Fakhar Zaman — Captured by the reporter during video interview
  • Fakhar insists Lahore Qalandars need to be consistent with team combination.
  • Praises Babar Azam for setting an example and leading from the front. 
  • Says LQ will not let fans down and will surely provide them moments to cheer.

KARACHI: Pakistan Super League franchise Lahore Qalandars (LQ) top-order batter Fakhar Zaman is hopeful of a new Lahore Qalandars under its new, young leader, Shaheen Shah Afridi.

In an exclusive interview with Geo News, the 31-year-old cricketer said that the side will not let fans down and will surely provide them moments to cheer.

“I must say that our fans are very brave and have big hearts, they’ve been supporting us throughout, although we didn’t return much to them. This time, I am very confident and hopeful of a better show as we are under a new captain who is very energetic,” Fakhar added.

Zaman said: “I have known Shaheen Afridi for a long time, he’ll be a good captain. He’s a quick learner and can change Lahore Qalandars’ fans.

He added that Shaheen is lucky, so “I hope his captaincy will bring some luck to LQ as well.” 

Fakhar said that PSL is a much-awaited cricketing event for the players and fans alike, adding that he’s also looking forward to the tournament to become the top scorer this time.

“I was never able to achieve the feat of becoming the leading scorer in PSL, but this time, I am eyeing to win the best batsman of the tournament award in the PSL and I’ll surely try to score maximum runs for my team,” he said while sharing his hope.

He insisted that to win the tournament, Qalandars need to be consistent with the team combination.

Recalling the year 2021, Fakhar said that it was a memorable year for Pakistan Cricket as everyone in the team did well and Pakistan won many matches.

He termed his innings of 193* vs South Africa as his memorable performance of the year.

“That inning was special for me because scoring runs was never easy for Asian batters in those conditions. I would’ve been happier if we had won that match, I regret not being able to complete 200 and helping Pakistan win that match,” Fakhar said.

Fakhar said that the way the Pakistan team is gelled together is remarkable and every player is backing each other.

He praised Babar Azam for setting an example and leading from the front, saying: “Babar has set a standard for everyone by performing himself. Everyone gets motivated to see him and try to reach the standard set by the captain.”

He further appreciated Babar and said: “It is a good sign that we have so many match-winners in the squad; we have top performers in bowling, we have champions in batting and this is something really enjoyable.”

“I am enjoying my time and want to stay with this team for a longer period and contribute to Pakistan’s success,” Fakhar said.

Recalling the T20 World Cup, the top order batter said that he was struggling at the start of the tournament but the captain and coach backed him.

Fakhar said that he was lucky to have such strong captains and coaches because in such tournaments, usually, the management would drop a player after a couple of bad innings.

The Qalandar batter said that for a cricketer who has served the country for a long time, it would be unfair if his career is decided after a couple of bad performances.

He hoped that the Pakistan Cricket team will continue to bring laurels in the year 2022.

“I am hoping score more runs for the team but the main thing for us as a team is to continue with the momentum, I believe that currently, we are the team that can beat any side in the world at any venue, even at opponents home,” Fakhar said confidently.

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