Five trendy Mehendi designs to try out this Eidul Fitr


And just like that, Ramazan is almost over and the Eidul Fitr is right around the corner! As we submit ourselves to God through prayer on these last nights of the holy month, our hearts anticipate the sighting of the moon so that we can celebrate Eid with full zeal after two years of pandemic-induced hindrances.

Chand raat, the night before Eid, is undoubtedly the most happening night in most desi households and beyond. People flock to markets for some last-minute shopping, restaurants are open all night long, the aroma of sweets fills the air and streets are buzzing with car horns and chipper people awaiting the morning of festivities.

One common tradition on chand raat is adorning your hands and feet with henna. Women and girls buy mehendi cones and draw intricate patterns on each other’s palms at home or make appointments with salons and mehendi artists to get the most trendy designs illustrated on their hands.

Every year, new mehendi ideas fill Instagram discover pages, and it can be difficult to choose which design you want to opt for. If you haven’t yet zeroed in on the henna design or pattern you will be adorning your palms with this year, worry not.

Here are some unique patterns and motifs that’ll add an extra dose of charm to your Eid look. Depending on how you like your mehendi, we’ve got something for everyone!


The sighting of the new moon marks an end to many of our spiritual retreats during the month of Ramazan. After a month of nourishing our soul and spirit, we emerge on Eid feeling brand new. Keeping the transformative aspect of the holy month in mind, how about painting some butterflies onto the backside of your palms?

It will remind you of just how much you’re capable of blooming and growing. It’s a common saying that just when caterpillars think their world is ending, they turn into butterflies. Continue the efforts you’ve made during the holy month throughout the whole year to sustain the best version of yourself.

Moon and stars

What is more symbolic of Eid than a delicate crescent moon and the stars surrounding it? This year, line your fingers with this celestial design that combines wall hangings, decorations, lanterns, stars, stardust and moons– all things Eid in a minimal print.

Persian miniatures

We always adore a mehendi design that tells a story. This year, how about you take inspiration from Persian tales of kings, queens and all things fantastic and draw on scenes from your favourite tale?

The boxy frame style not only looks unique, but it will also act as a conversation started during the many Eid dawats you are bound to attend! Adorn the tips of your fingers with domes or fill them with leaves and flowers, you’ll surely be the one to stand out from the crowd this year.


White mehendi is the new trend these days and we couldn’t help but include this gorgeous style in our list. Draw on anklets and bracelets with dangling moons and stars onto your wrists and ankles for a fun look this Eid. Why settle for jewellery when can get creative and draw on the accessory of your dreams all on your own?

Block printed hands

For those who desire nothing fancy and maximalist, here’s an alternative for you. Paint a small design, a flower, a diamond, palm trees, moons, anything all over your hand, giving the effect of a block printed pattern. It will look timeless and chic.

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