Ford clears its backlog of defective 2021 Bronco roofs


Ford says it has now cleared the backlog of 2021 Broncos that had accumulated at its Michigan Assembly plant in Wayne, Mich., while they waited for replacement hard tops. Those models have been fitted with new roofs and will begin shipping by the end of the year as the company promised back in September when replacement tops began trickling in. 

From this point forward, Ford should not have to stockpile any partially built vehicles to wait for replacement tops, according to an Instagram story spotted by This will be good news for dealers and those with outstanding orders, and as parts availability continues to improve, it will be good news for those owners who took delivery of early production examples with a defective top. Those who have not yet made arrangements for a replacement with their dealer should be able to do so.

This issue sprung up early in Bronco production and has plagued the revived 4×4 since. Ford offered reservation holders up to $1,100 in reward points (toward purchasing Bronco accessories) and those who were forced to opt for a later model year due to production constraints were granted immunity to any model-year price increases through 2023.  Anyone who switched to a soft-top Bronco to circumvent the delivery delay was also promised a hardtop prep package included for free.

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