Four celebrity-approved summer hair

Every summer, there comes a time when it feels like the sun purposely decided to take its wrath on us and this year, the sun’s wrath is unusually early. The transition to warmer weather requires shedding all our winter layers and dressing lightly to beat the heat, and it rings true for hairstyles, too. Oftentimes, our hair comes under an impulsive spell of feeling scissor-happy.

It’s time to beat the heat — not your hair and we’ve compiled a celebrity-inspired list of the must-know haircuts of summer 2022 before you book your salon appointment. For those waiting for the change of seasons to get a fresh ‘do, know that we’ve got short bobs and bottleneck cuts and much more here to perfect your styles for the long hot days ahead.

1. Round layers

Those wanting to keep their lengths intact this season, despite the heat, can go for this feathery round layers look. Luckily actor Syra Yousuf has her in house hair stylist, sister Palwasha Yousuf to decide the trendiest summer look for the diva.

Even though the Sinf-e-Aahan actor decided to keep her hair shoulder length, you could have these layers in your existing length to have a fresher, lighter look that doesn’t take away the voluminous shape from your hair’s silhouette.

2. Short bob

Nothing screams summer like a good old short bob! Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma nailed the bottleneck short bob and we’re taking cues! Looking from her pictures, the new hair is easy, fresh, and so manageable! From sweaty workout sessions to lunches in the heat, there will be no hair sticking on your neck or face. And it makes you look younger as well! What else do you want?

3. Wispy bangs

With Indie Sleaze on the rise, there is no wonder why side bangs and Jane Birkin-inspired bangs are back with a vengeance. First Mahira Khan and now Sajal Aly, the actors are hopping on the fringe bandwagon. While fringes can be hard to maintain during summers, they’re sort of perfect to style your hair differently given the time of the day. Another favourite is American actor and singer Selena Gomez’s 90s fringe iteration is the perfect introduction to bangs. They’re not thick or too heavy but super hot and eyebrow grazing.

4. Pixie

Pixies have stolen the show and are pretty much an all year round hair trend and with Rihanna hopping on the trend, it is more like a hair goal now. Having said that, it specifically is perfect for summers given the added touch of chicness with little to no effort. In addition to feeling particularly lightweight and breezy, it is also a smart choice to start fresh after any lingering hair damage due to dyes and heat products. Slay away this summer with a fancy pixie!

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