From sensational TV appearance to launching political party


Rana Shamim’s son: From sensational TV appearance to launching political party

LONDON: Cashing in on his newly found TV fame, former Gilgit Baltistan chief judge Rana Shamim’s son, Ahmad Hassan Rana has launched his own political party called Shaan-e-Pakistan in a bid to bring real change.

Speaking in London, Ahmad Hassan Rana revealed that his revolutionary party will aim to bring the change Imran Khan, Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif failed to introduce and implement.

Ahmad Hassan Rana said he has set up the group with the help of his like minded friends who are well-off, well-placed, hard-working and intellectual. Currently, the newly formed revolutionary party’s website exists on WhatsApp but the Supreme Court lawyer said the newly launched party will be launched at the national level soon the like-minded group possess enough funding and resources at their disposal because “we don’t want to get trapped like Imran Khan and end up asking others for funds to run the party affairs, and the country.”

Rana came to lime light after he appeared on TV as the lawyer of his father after “The News” published a story based on the affidavit of Justice Rana Shamim alleging that he saw the former chief justice manipulating the judicial process to keep Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz in jail.

Saqib Nisar has denied the allegations and Justice Rana Shamim instructed veteran Supreme Court lawyer to represent him, changing his son as his counsel but that has not stopped Ahmed Hassan from appearing on TV on almost daily basis to talk about the case.

The idea of forming the new party came to Rana’s mind after his TV interviews and the overwhelming feedback he received from his family and friends. The manifesto of Ahmed Hasan Rana’s brain child “Shaan-e-Pakistan” will be nothing extraordinary as it will have everything that all parties already have in their manifestos making tall promises.

“We will aim to establish Madinah Ki Riyasat focusing on building an Islamic welfare state with free health care, free education and ease of doing business. You just cannot talk about it, you have to walk the talk, you have to practically do it and not just keep talking about it,” asserted Apex Court lawyer.

Narrating PM Khan’s traditional phrase – ghabrana nahee hai, (do not panic), he criticized on Khan for repeating the words for over three years and stated that Khan wanted five more years to bring change. This was exactly what Benazir and Nawaz Sharif had done asking for five more years.

Ahmad Hassan Rana said that he will break the tradition set by other politicians through his policy and vision, adding, “I trust myself for making it happen.” The Supreme Court lawyer and founder of Shaan-e-Pakistan said neither would he join any other party nor invite others to join him in his mission.

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