From Water Surplus To Water Scarce, Pakistan Needs To Take Rigorous Action To Address The Issue


There is a famous saying that “When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.” Pakistan, which formerly had a water surplus, now has a significant water shortage. The Country is on the verge of a major water disaster, with a water scarcity approaching worrisome proportions. External variables such as climate change and trans-boundary developments pose challenges to Pakistan’s water supply.
Experts have warned that if action is not done quickly, then by the year 2025, Pakistan would face a major water crisis, and its classification will change from Water Stressed to Water Scarce. Water experts warn that if new reservoirs are not built and water waste is not reduced, Pakistan may face a famine-like situation. According to water experts, the government must take quick safeguards owing to expanding population, water depletion, and climate change, or famine would be unavoidable.
The urgent requirement of the time is for the building of several minor dams rather than large dams. Big dams need time, dedication, and thought, whereas tiny dams serve the demands of regional and local communities and projects with far less rigour and difficulty. Similarly, public education is unquestionably essential for water conservation measures.
Our acts, inactions, and general apathy all play a role in the current scenario. There is no reason why the country cannot manage successfully the water issue it is now confronting if there is a realistic approach, vision, and will. To do so, we must all work together to address the country’s water scarcity.

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