Get these 14 Mac apps for just $20


Apple users who want to be more productive should check out this Mac Madness App Bundle.

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There are so many Mac apps available, and apps are designed to solve such a variety of problems, that it can be difficult to figure out which ones are ideal for you. The developer gTrigonakis is making this choice easier with the Mac Madness App Bundle. This is a fully loaded suite of apps to help you stay organized, save storage space and work more efficiently.

The extensive bundle includes 14 Mac applications that should transform your Apple hardware into a powerhouse:

  • LSwitch for LIFX: For virtually controlling your LIFX light bulbs
  • Lights Switch: For controlling all your smart lights
  • Photos Metadata Export: For exporting photo metadata to Excel
  • Folder Organizer: For overhauling the way you organize your files
  • AVR Control: For controlling AV receivers with your Mac
  • WSwitch for Belkin WeMo: For controlling your smart switches
  • M3U Edit: For streamlined mp3 playlist creation
  • ReceiptBox: For analyzing your spending and budgeting
  • Podcasts Export: For exporting your favorite podcast episodes to an external drive
  • File List Export: For exporting photo and video files,
  • Text Workflow: For automating your text processing workflow

Plus, loading up on Mac apps can become prohibitively expensive. You can get the Mac Madness App Bundle for 73% off $74 at just $19.99 for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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