Good chance that the Ramadan moon will be seen on April 2


KARACHI: The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has predicted that the Ramadan moon will be seen on April 2.

“The new Ramadan moon, 1443 AH, will be born on [the] crossing conjunction point at 11-24 PST on 01-04-2022,” the meteorological bureau said in a statement.

“According to astronomical criteria, there is a Good Chance of seeing the new moon of Ramadan, 1443 AH on the evening of [April 2], i.e. on the 29th of Shaban, 1443 AH,” according to the announcement.

According to the PMD, the weather will be fair or partly overcast in most parts of the country on April 2nd evening, according to climate records.

Eidul Fitr is expected to be observed on May 3 or 2 if the holy month begins according to the PMD’s estimate.

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