Govt to deploy Rangers, FC at Parliament Lodges: Interior Minister Shiekh Rasheed


  • Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed says anyone who comes in guise of private militia will not be spared.
  • Says govt took decision to avoid any untoward incident which earned a bad name to the country.
  • Says “Imran Khan will succeed in vote of confidence”.

ISLAMABAD: After the recent operation in the Parliament Lodges, the federal government has decided to deploy Rangers and FC personnel in the Parliament House, MNA hostels and lodges, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad announced on Friday.

“[We] will not spare anyone who comes in the guise of militia [in the Parliament]. First, they took over the Parliament Lodges gates and then set foot in there,” he said while addressing a press conference.

The minister said that the Parliament House, Lodges and old MNA Hostels are being handed over to Rangers and FC to avoid any untoward incident which earned a bad name to the country.

Speaking about the incident, Rasheed said that the Islamabad police did not knock any other door except for room no 401 — owned by JUI-F MNA Salahuddin Ayubi — where there were around 20 men.

The minister said that a bad time for the Opposition is coming therefore they want an incident to take place before the vote of no confidence.

Rasheed said no one was booked under the Anti-Terrorism Act and no First Information Reports were lodged against any MNA.

“We registered general reports [against the MNAs] as a trailer and would register cases under the terrorism charges [if this happens again].”

He said that the government doesn’t want to spread terror but the reports are not good and the most at risk are him and Maulana Fazlur Rehman because they have been attacked thrice.

Speaking about the no-trust motion, Rasheed said that the Opposition has to gather the support of 172 MNAs.

“Imran Khan will succeed in the vote of confidence with Allah the Almighty’s will,” the minister said.

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