Hammad blames PML-N govt’s expensive projects for power crisis


Hammad blames PML-N govt’s expensive projects for power crisis

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar on Saturday claimed that people are getting electricity at higher rates because of the expensive energy projects initiated during PML-N’s tenure.

“We are trying to correct the mistakes made during the past,” Azhar said while replying to the news that the power tariff is likely to witness a hike of Rs4.33 on account of fuel charges adjustment.

The National Electrical Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) has received a request for the increase from Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA). Shedding light on the soaring circular debt, the energy minister said that it has “also happened because of the previous government.”

“PTI government has imported LNG at lower rates compared to the rates at which the gas was imported during previous government’s tenure,” he said, adding that LNG was imported at the cheapest rates during PTI’s tenure.

Addressing the allegations regarding expensive electricity, Azhar highlighted that capacity payments are increasing every year. “The more power plants we install the more rent the government has to pay,” he explained.

Urging the Opposition not to delude the masses, he said that the PTI will time and again remind PML-N of its mistakes.

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