Heard accused of copying Depp’s courtroom looks


Testy at times, rambling and poetic at others, Johnny Depp has embraced the role of the leading man at his defamation trial against his former wife Amber Heard, as per AFP. During three days on the witness stand, the three-time Oscar nominee has sought to convince a jury that the allegations of domestic abuse made against him by Heard are untrue and have destroyed his career.

Depp has turned up for the trial in Fairfax County Circuit Court with his hair tied back in a ponytail, earrings and chunky rings. He has favoured three-piece suits in court and wore an all-black ensemble on Thursday – black suit, black vest, black shirt and black tie. The Texas-born Heard, who had a starring role in the movie Aquaman has gone mainly for black pant suits and a change of hairstyle each day. She has remained mostly stoic during Depp´s testimony, listening attentively, whispering with her lawyers and taking notes on a yellow legal pad.

But as the trial heats up, social media fashion police is convinced Heard has taken the “defamation suit” literally and is employing an unorthodox courtroom strategy: copying her ex’s outfits to try and get inside his head. As per the New York Post, tweets detailing this alleged act of war-drobe have been going viral. “Amber Heard is playing mind games with Johnny Depp by copying his outfits in court,” one observer alleged on Twitter Thursday. With every aspect of Depp and Heard’s marriage being observed under the microscope, social media sleuths have noticed that Heard’s courtroom attires are eerily similar to that of the Finding Neverland actor’s.

“I’ve been watching the Johnny Depp trial and noticed that Amber Heard is mirroring him through outfits. When Johnny wore a gray suit…the next day she wore the same thing. Then he wore a Gucci ensemble and then she wore it the next day,” added another eagle-eyed Twitter juror about the Aquaman alum.

Online fashionistas have even uploaded TikTok videos assessing the similarities between the dueling exes’ outfits in a series of stills. “Yesterday Twitter went nuts over Johnny Depp’s pony tail,” said user @delloliod in a TikTok video. “She walked into court today with this ponytail on her head,” the user added.

The Twitter gallery agreed that Heard’s looks were no coincidence. “Is anyone gonna address why Amber is mimicking Johnny’s outfits every day,” wrote one aghast user.

Heard has also been accused of lying during a defamation trial against her former husband. After her lawyer declared she used a concealer from Milani Cosmetics to hide bruises left by Depp’s alleged attacks, the make-up brand shut down the false claim.

During her opening statements in the trial, which has been underway in Fairfax County, Virginia, Heard’s lawyer Benjamin Rottenborn showed Milani’s All In One Correcting Kit which he claimed his client used to cover up her alleged injuries, as per aceshowbiz.com. “This was what she used. She became very adept at it,” Benjamin stated. “You’re going to hear the testimony from Amber about how she had to mix the different colours for the different days of the bruises as they developed in the different coloring and how she would use to touch those up to be able to cover those,” the lawyer continued.

However, Milani Cosmetics debunked the claim, noting in a TikTok video that it didn’t release the product until 2017, Midday reported.

The trial resumes on Monday.

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