Here are the VW ID. Buzz’s fun design Easter Eggs


As with many new and exciting car designs, the VW ID. Buzz has plenty of fun little design details (or Easter Eggs) scattered about. And with the chance to check out the van up close, we made sure to check them out and show them to you.

VW ID. Buzz silhouette Easter Egg

Shown at the top is a silhouette of the Buzz. This design appears in pockets in the cargo area, as well as on the plastic shrouds on the sliding rear seats (shown directly above). The cargo area one really pops with the exterior color trim.

Smilie face Easter Egg in VW ID. Buzz

But the first Easter Egg you may actually encounter is up front. Auto manufacturers frequently tuck fasteners inside door handle alcoves, since they’re easy to access, but also somewhat hidden. Usually a plastic cap covers it for a cleaner look. In the case of the Buzz, there’s a cheeky winking smiley face debossed in the fastener cover.

VW ID. Buzz bottle openerVW ID. Buzz ice scraper

If you continue to look around the interior, you’ll find some neat things hidden in the removable center console. There are a couple of dividers that pop out and have additional uses, both shown above. One is a bottle opener with a little design of a bottle cap in it. The other is an ice scraper with a snowflake. Then, if you open up the rear drawer, you’ll find that the reinforcing plastic ribbing is shaped to look like a map of the globe, along with another little Buzz silhouette (shown below).

VW ID. Buzz console drawer Easter Eggs

The last, but not least, hidden design cue is on the rear window. Next to the tip of the rear wiper is a little printed Buzz. And right behind it is a cute umbrella.

VW ID. Buzz rear window Easter Egg

These are all the Easter Eggs that we were able to find with the VW PR representative. If we learn of anymore, we’ll be sure to update this post.

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