Hold the corrupt around you accountable, PTI MNA tells PM Imran Khan


A file photo of PTI MNA Noor Alam Khan
A file photo of PTI MNA Noor Alam Khan
  • PTI MNA Noor Alam Khan urges PM Imran Khan to ‘open his eyes’ and do something about corrupt people around him. 
  • Says government will have to do something about raging prices of commodities if it wants to go into next elections. 
  • Says PM will have to solve gas and power crises.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA Noor Alam Khan has criticised his party head Prime Minister Imran Khan for overlooking the people around him involved in amassing assets and called upon him to open his eyes to the issue.

“[PM] Imran Khan should look at the people on his right and left to know about their assets and how they grew their assets,” said the PTI MNA on Geo News programme ‘Aaj Shazeb Khanzada Kay Sath‘.

“If he closes his eyes [and condones what is happening around], it will not set the affairs in order. He will have to solve the problems of inflation, power outages and gas shortage.”

Noor Khan termed the unexpected rout of the ruling party in the local government elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as people’s reaction to the continued load-shedding and gas crisis in the province. Saying the incumbent government is to blame for the scarcity of gas and electricity, he underscored the need for accountability of those who created the crises of gas and electricity.

The PTI leader said he went to ministers to solve the problems people are facing but not a single one heard him. He said people ask him to do something about the surging prices of commodities.

Actually, he continued, the people around PM Khan report ‘all is good’ to him. But, all is not well today, he stressed, urging the PM to shove away those who are corrupt from around him.

“Who says there is no corruption in the country at present? You can deceive [the] masses once or twice. However, when it is the third time, people will reject you,” said Noor Khan.

“If I vote and forget the people, will I blame others? No one in the party speaks clearly. Everyone is scared because something or other is put behind them.”

Replying to a query about the party tickets, Noor Khan said the PTI did not take anyone on board for tickets and doled them out to the members of the family. “So, what happened [in the LG elections] was an evident outcome,” he said.

Commenting on a way out for the PTI from the absolute defeat in the LG elections, the PTI leader said the PTI-led government will have to push down the prices of commodities and utilities. 

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