Hooded dresses indicate modest fashion comeback


Hooded dresses have made a stunning comeback in the world of fashion, capturing the attention of critics and fans alike, with their captivating and enigmatic allure. Many celebrities, known for their impeccable style, have fully embraced this trend, catapulting it back into the spotlight. Whether it’s a star-studded red carpet event or a high-profile runway show, the hooded dress has reestablished itself as a versatile and captivating fashion statement.

However, let’s not forget: the hooded dress is not a new invention. It has a rich history that spans across different cultures and time periods. From the opulent elegance of the Renaissance to its cultural and religious significance in the Middle East, the hooded dress has always held a certain charm and fascination.

Style visionaries have elevated the trend with their impeccable choices, inspiring countless others to experiment with hooded dresses and infuse their own unique flair into this timeless trend. For instance, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan recently made waves with her divisive Cannes ensemble that featured an exaggerated hood.

The youngest Nobel Prize laureate didn’t shy away from the trend either. Malala showed up to the 2023 Oscars in a hooded Ralph Lauren fit.

Back in 2018, Priyanka Chopra Jonas made a memorable appearance at the Met Gala in an ensemble designed by Ralph Lauren. The standout feature of her outfit was a stunning gold beaded hood

During a recent trip to Qatar, Bella Hadid turned heads as she donned a striking red hooded gown from Schiaparelli’s spring 2023 collection.

Bulgari’s Mediterranea High Jewellery celebration in Venice witnessed the iconic Anne Hathaway adorning herself in a sleek golden gown from Versace’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection. The mesmerizing ensemble featured a beaded hood that beautifully framed her face.

Wednesday star Jenna Ortega made her mark at the Saint Laurent Fall 2023 menswear presentation in Paris on January 17. Embracing her signature moody aesthetic, Ortega joined forces with Hathaway to endorse the elevated hooded gown trend.

Margot Robbie, too, made a striking fashion statement at the premiere of Babylon in Los Angeles. The talented actor was spotted wearing a mesmerising black hooded, halter-neck gown from Alaïa’s Spring 2023 collection.

Simone Ashley, renowned for her beloved role in Bridgerton, showcased her fashion-forward sensibilities at the Governor’s Awards. Choosing to embrace the hooded dress trend, she brought a fresh and dazzling twist to the red carpet. Ashley stunned in a glittery blue high-neck gown by 16Arlington.

Rihanna may have actually kick-started the inculcation of hooded dresses into the mainstream in February 2022, when she donned a custom red leather Alaïa coat with a hood while promoting Fenty Savage.

In Western culture, the hooded dress gained widespread popularity during the vibrant 1980s. It was an era when icons like Grace Jones left their mark by wearing a purple hooded Alaïa dress in the iconic film A View To Kill in 1985. This breathtaking outfit continued to captivate audiences when Jones showcased it again at the Alaïa Spring/Summer 1986 Haute Couture show. The ’80s witnessed a surge in the popularity of hooded dresses, with designers like Yves Saint Laurent presenting their signature hooded “capuche” pieces, solidifying the garment’s status as a fashion staple.

There is, however, an intriguing crossover between hooded and modest fashion. Modest fashion refers to clothing choices that prioritize modesty and often involve covering the body more conservatively. On the other hand, hooded fashion incorporates garments featuring hoods, which can provide additional coverage and create a sense of privacy.

Hooded outfits can align with the principles of modest fashion by offering coverage for the head, neck, and sometimes even the shoulders. The inclusion of a hood allows individuals to have an extra layer of modesty and protection, particularly in situations where they may desire to conceal or minimize their appearance.

Moreover, hooded fashion allows individuals to express their personal style within the realm of modesty. Many individuals, regardless of their background, appreciate the versatility and aesthetic appeal of hooded garments. They can be worn in a way that respects personal modesty choices while still embracing fashion-forward looks.

Fast forward to today, and the hooded dress is once again capturing our imagination, not just on the red carpet, but also on the runways. As we eagerly anticipate the influx of hooded dresses throughout the year, it’s evident that this captivating trend is here to stay. It effortlessly weaves together the threads of history with modern sensibilities, allowing for bold and unforgettable fashion statements.

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