How to access a remote computer with iDrive’s Remote Desktop


iDrive offers its own remote desktop tool to help you connect to other computers on your network.


An array of applications and services are available to help you access and control a remote computer. One fairly new and cost-effective tool is iDrive’s Remote Desktop. With this program, you can securely access an unlimited number of remote Windows workstations and servers. iDrive also offers two-step verification and trusted devices to better secure your access.

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iDrive’s Remote Desktop uses Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to access remote computers and servers behind a NAT gateway. By installing the Remote Desktop agent on the host systems, you can connect to them using the Remote Desktop viewer.

There are certain limitations with iDrive Remote Desktop compared with other remote control programs. You can connect only to RDP-based Windows computers. You can connect to a host machine from any Windows PC or Mac but not from a mobile device. Rather, the software is worth considering for its low cost. The service is free with a personal plan and costs $9.95 per year per guest computer with a business plan. Plus, you can try before you buy via a free 30-day trial.

To take the product for a spin, browse to the iDrive Remote Desktop page and click the Sign Up Now button. Choose either the personal plan or business plan. Enter your name, email address and a password and click the button to create your account. Alternatively, you can create an account using Google or Apple credentials. Next, click the button for Download Remote Desktop Agent (Figure A).

Figure A


Save the desktop agent and then copy and install it on any host server or other computer that you wish to access (Figure B). Continue the process to set up additional host computers or servers.

Figure B


Next, install the Remote Desktop viewer on any guest computers. At the iDrive Remote Desktop web console, click the button at the top for Remote Desktop Viewer to download and install the program (Figure C).

Figure C


An email is then sent to you to confirm any guest computer as a trusted device. Respond to the email by clicking the link for Add To Trusted Devices. A Remote Desktop window appears for you to enter your iDrive email address and password (Figure D).

Figure D


The Remote Desktop window displays all the host computers you’ve established. Click the Connect button for the name of a system you wish to access. An RDP window pops up for you to enter your Windows account credentials. Type your password and click OK (Figure E).

Figure E


You should then be connected to the remote system via RDP, where you can work on or manage the computer (Figure F).

Figure F


Finally, you can view and control your remote desktop connections. The iDrive Remote Desktop web console shows a list of all host computers in the Computers section. To add more users whom you want to be able to run the program, click the User Management tab, click the Add User button and type the user’s email address. To view logs of all remote desktop connections via the program, click the tab for Activity Logs. To enable two-step verification and view security-related information, click the Security tab. And to configure and customize your remote connections, click the Settings tab (Figure G).

Figure G


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