How to snap windows in Windows 11


In Windows 11, you can more easily position windows by snapping them in place according to a predefined layout. Here’s how.


Windows 11 offers a new and improved feature through which you can position multiple windows on the screen. Known simply as Snap Windows, the feature lets you precisely control how and where a window is located by selecting a predefined layout. By snapping each window into a specific place on your desktop, you can more easily juggle multiple windows. Here’s how it works.

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First, open four different windows or apps in Windows 11. Pick any window and hover your mouse pointer over its Maximize icon. As you hover over the icon, you’ll see previews for four different layouts (Figure A).

Figure A

Let’s say you want to snap two of the open windows so they appear side by side. The first layout will position them side by side with each window taking up the same width. Hover your mouse over that layout and then click one of the two figures in that layout. Clicking the figure on the left will position your current window on the left side of the screen, while clicking the right figure will position it on the right side of the screen (Figure B).

Figure B

You’ll now see large thumbnail images for the other three windows on the other side of the screen. Click the window that you want to see side by side with the first window (Figure C).

Figure C

Next, hover your mouse pointer on top of the Maximize button for either open window. This time, choose the second layout. This one gives more width to the window on the left. Click either the left or right figure on the second layout (Figure D).

Figure D

Then click the thumbnail for one of the other three windows to see it on that side of the screen (Figure E).

Figure E

Next, let’s try snapping three windows. Again, hover your mouse pointer over the Maximize button for one of the two displayed windows. Hover over the third layout and select one of the three figures depending on where you want to place the current window (Figure F).

Figure F

The thumbnails for the other three windows appear in one of the two remaining spots. Click the window you wish to see in that spot (Figure G).

Figure G

The two remaining thumbnails appear in the third open spot. Click the thumbnail for the window you want to see in that spot (Figure H).

Figure H

Finally, you can snap all four open windows. Again, hover over the Maximize icon for any open window. Hover over the fourth layout and click one of the four figures (Figure I).

Figure I

The other three windows appear in a different spot. Click one of those windows to snap it to that spot (Figure J).

Figure J

The other two windows then appear in a third spot. Click one of them to snap it to that spot (Figure K).

Figure K

The remaining window appears in the fourth spot. Click that window to display it in that spot (Figure L).

Figure L


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