Jeep Wrangler Tuscadero Pink extended, racks up 30,000 orders


Jeep announced Thursday that it has extended the order window for its Tuscadero Pink exterior color for the 2022 Wrangler through the end of December, citing customer demand for the limited-run exterior finish that was introduced for 2021. The color has proved to be exceedingly popular, surpassing 30,000 orders to become Jeep’s most popular special paint code of 2021. 

Tuscadero was originally supposed to be axed after 2021 model year production wrapped, but continuing demand prompted Jeep’s product planners to keep it on the books for 2022. The color, which Jeep describes as “a deep and intense chromatic magenta” is offered alongside other limited-production colors, including Gecko (a lime green). 

“We expected Tuscadero to be popular, and the customer response has been overwhelmingly strong,” said Jim Morrison, vice president and head of Jeep brand North America, in the company’s announcement. “It’s so popular, we’re extending production into 2022 model-year production to meet strong customer demand. Customers can place an order through December of this year.”

Jeeps look great in bright colors, so we’re not surprised that Tuscadero is such a hit. Jeep’s limited-edition colors are also reasonably affordable; Tuscadero costs just $395.




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