JI holds ‘Give Rights to Balochistan’ protest in Islamabad


JI holds ‘Give Rights to Balochistan’ protest in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Like other parts of the country, the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) on the appeal of party’s ameer Sirajul Haq observed ‘Balochistan Solidarity Day’ in the federal capital on Sunday.

The JI central naib ameer, Mian Muhammad Aslam led a protest demonstration in front of the National Press Club, Islamabad. JI Balochistan Secretary General Maulana Hidaytur Rehman, JI Islamabad ameer Nasarullah Randhawa and other leaders also participated in the demonstration. Maulana Hidaytur Rehman is also leading a protest demonstration in Gwadar in support of demands of local population for the last several days.

Addressing the protestors, Mian Muhammad Aslam asked the government to accept the demands of protestors in Gwadar and stop its brutal acts there. He said that for the first time, women along with their infant children are also attending the protest demonstration in Gwadar.

He said that the Baloch people are patriotic and peaceful people but a strong reaction would come from them if their voices are not heard. Mian Aslam said that ‘Give Right to Gwadar’ movement would continue till the people get their rights.

“Jamaat-e-Islami is fighting the case of Balochistan and support all the constitutional and lawful demands of the Baloch people,” he said, adding that the whole Gwadar was behind Maulana Hidayatur Rehman in his movement.

Maulana Hidaytur Rehman said there was no more source of income for the fishermen in Gwadar after the illegal start of fishing by the foreigners. “The government should accept the demands of local fishermen instead of creating problems for them,” he added.

The JI Balochistan leader categorically rejected an impression that their movement was against the CPEC Project. “There should be no injustice with the Baloch people,” he said, demanding the removal of check-posts at various areas. ­

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