Karachiites complain about private labs in DHA taking money for COVID-19 vaccine


  • Private laboratories in Karachi are charging money for COVID-19 vaccinations, say citizens.
  • Complaints should be registered with Sindh Health Department in case a laboratory is found charging money, says SHD.
  • Booster shots are for free, says SHD.

Some private labs in Karachi are reportedly taking money for vaccination against the coronavirus, reported Geo News on Thursday.

A citizen informed Geo News that a laboratory situated in the Khayaban-e-Shahbaz area of the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) is charging thousands of rupees for coronavirus vaccination.

On the other hand, the provincial health department says that since the Sindh government has also distributed coronavirus vaccines to private companies, therefore, the complaint should be registered with the Sindh Health Department in case a laboratory is found charging money for the vaccine. 

Citizens should not pay at houses or laboratories for the coronavirus vaccine, the Sindh health officials added.

“Get vaccinated and get your booster shots for free and be safe from the coronavirus,” said the health department official.

In addition, the Federal Ministry of Health has said that the corona vaccine is available free of cost throughout Pakistan and if someone charges for the vaccine, it will be considered a criminal act.

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