Khoosat’s ‘Kamli’ looks hauntingly promising


The teaser trailer for Sarmad Khoosat’s upcoming tale of love, loss and cloaked secrets has finally been unveiled and it looks beautifully haunting. Kamli, starring Saba Qamar, also features Sania Saeed, Nimra Bucha, Omair Rana, Adeel Afzal, Iman Shahid, and is set to introduce Hamza Khawaja.

The trailer opens with a bird’s eyeshot of a surreal landscape with an oasis-like water body surrounded by exotic looking boulders and trees. A woman is seen trying to take something out of the water which is followed by the sound and sight of the heavy ploughing of an axe in bare dirt.

As the music kicks in, so does a plethora of brilliantly crafted cinematic shots, something Khoosat is well revered for. The visual glimpses hint little at what the plot might be. A shot is shown where apparently, a baby is being buried. Art also seems to be a theme in the film as various characters are showcased making art. Love, betrayal, disappearance and mystery still seem to be the central ideas of the plot.

Set in the mountainous rural regions of Pakistan, possibly Balochistan, provided the landscape of the film flaunts sparse forests, mountains and oasis-like water bodies. The music of the teaser is spot on and explicitly sets the mood and tone for the visuals that we witness. The growing sense of anxiousness and urgency is very much present in both the audio and visuals.

Qamar has displayed a range of emotions that outline a broad arc for her character in the film alongside her acting chops. Saeed also shows a variety of acting prowess in her role and looks as good as ever. Bucha and Rana make brief appearances in the trailer and stand out for their villain-ish intensity and presence. Whether they will actually be portraying negative roles is not known yet but it seems very likely. Khawaja, who is making his debut with the film seems, to look promising as well and his chemistry with Saba Qamar appears to click naturally.

All in all, the trailer does arise intrigues any viewer and leaves them wanting more. The score carries the visual anxiety of the sequence perfectly and amplifies the brilliant acting performances displayed by all individuals.

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