Kriti Sanon on being taken ‘seriously’ as an actor after ‘Mimi’


After the massive success of her Netflix film Mimi, Kirti Sanon believes people started taking her “a lot more seriously as an actor.” The film follows Sanon’s character Mimi volunteering as a surrogate for an American couple, with the actor starring alongside Pankaj Tripathi.  

Speaking to a media outlet, the Times of India reported the Raabta actor as saying, “After Mimi, I got a lot of calls and messages. People started taking me a lot more seriously as an actor, and it’s something that I felt after Bareilly Ki Barfi released because before that I had done glamorous roles. Bareilly Ki Barfi was a little de-glam, people saw the actor in me more than my appearance. I remember seeing a certain shift in the kind of projects I was getting after that. With Mimi, I think it’s amplified.”

Speaking about the emotionally demanding nature of the character, Sanon shared,  “The character was also emotionally heavy in the second half. I think those scenes satisfied me as an actor. I like being challenged and being in a situation that scares me, makes me nervous and makes me wonder how to do this.”

Stressing that while she wishes to add more genres to her portfolio, she continues to enjoy being a part of entertainment-centric films. “When an actor does a film that is centred around a female protagonist and gets praised for it, the tendency is to get drawn towards more such projects only,” she explained, adding, “I don’t want to get typecast with any kind of limitations. I feel like taking more risks and trying something new. I want to give my audience something different to watch. And I will do so, but yes, that won’t stop me from doing other kinds of films. I want them to see me in all colours.”

She elaborated further, “I want to be in a completely massy entertaining film and at the same time, I also want to do a film that has a strong message and says something important that I believe in.” 

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