Make your system admin job a lot easier: Learn automation with Microsoft PowerShell


System administrators have never had it so good. Microsoft PowerShell can send your productivity soaring by automating many of the daily tasks that have eaten up your time.


Illustration: Lisa Hornung

If trying to increase your productivity isn’t on the list of resolutions you plan to make for the New Year, it should be. Because time is one thing you can’t make or buy, all you can do is try to free up as much as you can so there’s more of it for things you enjoy. Anyone can save time with inbox organization, but system administrators, in particular, can send productivity soaring by automating as many daily IT tasks as possible. You can learn how from The 2022 Windows PowerShell Certification Bundle, and it’s on sale right now for only $19.99.

If you’re not familiar with PowerShell, there are two one-hour courses that can quickly get you started. Learn about open source and built-in Windows tools that can streamline your workflow in “Essential Tools for Windows System Administrators.” And “Anybody Can Script | A PowerShell Learning Series” will introduce you to scripting, teach you the basics of automation and more.

You’ll learn the basics of both PowerShell and Active Directory in “Active Directory (AD) Management Using Windows PowerShell,” which will allow you to manage users, groups, bulk requests and more. “GUI Automation using Python” will teach you how to do just that.

You’ll really appreciate increased productivity when it gets down to time crunches and “Automating Administration With Windows PowerShell” uses project-based lessons to provide lots of practice with application upgrades, developing effective solutions, fixing critical issues and more. You’ll get even more practice in “Advanced Scripting & Tool Making Using Windows PowerShell.” As a matter of fact, you’ll learn how to automate tasks using PowerShell to integrate with products other than those by Microsoft.

With vast experience working in Python, MS Azure and cloud technologies, Instructor Vijay Saini’s specialty is automating with PowerShell. And he enjoys sharing his expertise with students.

Don’t pass up this chance to learn how to automate your daily IT tasks and send your productivity skyrocketing, get The 2022 Windows PowerShell Certification Bundle now while it’s on sale for just $19.99 (normally $1,200).

Prices subject to change.

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