Michigan ‘Water-Winter Wonderland’ license plate rides again


Michigan will bring back the “Water-Winter Wonderland” plate originally introduced in 1965, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s office announced Thursday. Benson’s office says the yellow-on-blue plate is a frequently requested re-issue, and we can see why. Its simple aesthetic and classic typeface will make it especially attractive to buyers looking for a period-correct 1960s look. 

Benson’s office says the plate will be eligible for personalization, but due to the vintage typeface, options will be limited to just six characters rather than the usual seven. The plate will be available through all of your normal channels (you can order one from home, if you like) and appears as one of the state’s three standard plate options on the Secretary of State website. Like the Mackinac Island Bridge plate, however, there’s a $5 surcharge for ordering it over the standard blue-on-white. 

That’s a small price to pay for a pretty significant aesthetic upgrade, if you ask us, especially considering our James Riswick ranked Michigan’s standard plate dead-last in the country for visual appeal. This plate technically doesn’t count as a “standard” option since you have to pay extra for it, but $5 seems like a reasonable premium for such a simple and significant upgrade. 

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