Miss Universe Pakistan Erica Robin leaves a lasting impression


Karachi-born Erica Robin has left an indelible mark on the Miss Universe 2023 pageant with her enchanting charisma and glamorous ensembles, relaying the rich cultural traditions of Pakistan. Hosted by El Salvador, the 72nd edition of the annual pageant saw the model secure a position among the top 20 contestants out of over 80 participating countries. However, she did not advance to the top 10.

As Erica prepares for upcoming achievements, fans and fashion aficionados remain curious to know more about the first Miss Universe Pakistan. A recent feature by Harper’s Bazaar Arabia showcased the model’s advocacy for diverse humanitarian causes. The beauty queen impassionedly participated in an event for Down Syndrome Awareness Month as the newly crowned Miss Universe Pakistan.

Additionally, Erica is an integral part of the Red Cross Family, having joined the Red Cross Youth Philippines. Engaging with the youth, she spent a day listening to their aspirations, creating a meaningful activity day filled with shared hopes and dreams for the future.

The 24-year-old has reiterated her appreciation for Pakistan’s diverse cultures at various occasions, including the preliminary contest for Miss Universe which required contenders to don their national costume. Remarking on her personal and cultural identity, she flaunted a vibrant costume “Pehchaan” (individuality).

Bazaar Arabia also acknowledged the model’s affection for nature, emphasizing the importance of taking a step back in today’s fast-paced world. Expressing her regard, Erica shared the feature on her Instagram account, thanking the style magazine in the caption.

Beauty pageants are a common occurrence worldwide. However, news of a Pakistani woman competing on the international stage for the first time has garnered considerable attention in the country. “For the first time ever, Pakistan will have a participant in the Miss Universe contest. I’m under a lot of pressure and have a lot of responsibility. However, I won’t do anything that would harm the reputation of the country” stated Erica.

While women of Pakistani origin have previously participated in local-level beauty pageants held in various countries, Pakistan itself has never been represented on the Miss Universe stage—until now. In a previous interview with Voice of America, Erica expressed her enthusiasm for the competition, stating that she would be overjoyed if she were to win, proudly proclaiming that “she belongs to Pakistan.”

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