Nabeel Gabol opens up about his marriage proposal to Reham Khan


Nabil Gabol, a senior PPP leader who proposed to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ex-wife on a Geo News show in the past, said that his friend (Prime Minister Imran Khan) was offended by his proposal and asked him, “What are you doing?”

Nabil Gabol appeared on Geo News show ‘Jashn-e-Cricket’ with model and actress Amna Ilyas.

During the show, the host, Shehzad Iqbal, played an old clip of Gabol and Reham Khan from an Eid show, in which the PPP leader proposed to Reham Khan.

The host reminded Gabol of the old programme during a chat, commenting that if the same thing were to happen in present day Ilyas would be lucky.

“I had no idea that my friend Imran Khan would be offended,” Gabol stated, adding that he had offered Reham Khan marriage in jest, but had no idea that he (Imran Khan) would be offended and marry her soon.

Gabol also offered to propose to Ilyas if she wanted to “shine her luck”.

In a tongue-in-cheek exchange with Ilyas, Gabol asked, “Do you want to be the first lady? I’ll propose, and someone else will soon propose to you and marry you.”

In a sarcastic response, Ilyas said that he (Nabil Gabol) had opened a service for social work.

The PPP leader claimed he knew who would be the next prime minister.

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