Nadia defends Sadaf over ‘ridiculously expensive’ clothing line


After model Sadaf Kanwal drew ire online for her unaffordable clothing line, model and entrepreneur Nadia Hussain was quick to come to her defence. Several netizens questioned paying Rs 30,000 for a plain co-ord set, with a particular simple brown kurta-pajama combo from the collection becoming the point of reference for most online discussions on the matter. However, Nadia took to her Instagram stories to share a strongly worded message to those criticising the exorbitant prices of the clothes.

Sharing a screenshot of a news post that read, “Sadaf Kanwal gets bashed for her fashion line due to ridiculous prices” along with a screenshot which stated the price of a brown co-ord set being Rs 30,000, the model wrote, “Neti(SH*T)izens really need to get a f*****g life!!!! It’s Sadaf Kanwal’s business so it’s her bloody choice whatever she wants to do!!!!!”

Nadia continued in all-caps, “No one has the right to bash her for her choice to run her business however she wants!!!! Naheen khareeda, na khareedo [If you don’t want to buy it, then don’t].”

Actor Juvaria Abbasi also came to Sadaf’s defence, writing on her Instagram story, “It’s very strange to see so many designers in Pakistan pricing and doing business as they want [but] Sadaf Kanwal gets attacked without reason. It’s her business, her prices, her wish?” 

This is not the first time Nadia has aired out her rage on social media, with the model being no stranger to courting controversy. In May 2021, Nadia had caused a ruckus on social media after she was accused of copying an idea for a makeup palette by ace makeup artist Nabila.

More recently, the model was called out for her “elitist” comments during an appearance on Time Out with Ahsan Khan. During a conversation on the show, Nadia exclaimed that models of today are uneducated and that council members don’t care if they don’t have the “height”. She lamented how there were “no criteria” and that “it was only about whether you could get permission”. She went on to assert how models of today are lacking in “class”. 

Responding to the same, model Sarah Zulfiqar shared, “Talent is talent and maturity is maturity no matter where it comes from. [Nadia’s] statement is incredibly elitist and ignorant.”

In her comments on newer models, Nadia also criticised the higher number of models in the industry. Responding to the same, the Lux Style Award-winner questioned, “Maybe there are many more models today than there were then, but why is that so horrible?” She went on to advise, “Be confident in your own posing style and niche instead of complaining about other people and you’ll do just fine.”

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