Naswar listed as drug, banned in Arab countries


A roadside vendor packing naswar for sale.-File photo
A roadside vendor packing naswar for sale.-File photo

ISLAMABAD: Arab countries have listed Naswar — powdered tobacco snuff — mostly consumed in Pakistan and Afghanistan as a drug and banned its use from Monday.

After the announcement by the Middle East countries, the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) has placed banners at different airports urging the passengers not to travel to Arab countries with Naswar.

It said that carrying Naswar while travelling is a crime and if Naswar is foundin someone’s luggage in any Arab country, he or she will be severely penalized. 

The ANF has prohibited all visitors from travelling with Naswar to Arab countries. Earlier, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had declared a ban on eating Gutka Naswar and Paan at the Jinnah International Airport Karachi.

According to a notification by the CAA, the ban would be applicable for all airport staff including the CAA department. Strict action would be taken against any employee if caught eating Gutka and Naswar at premises of the airport, said the CAA notification.

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