New Era In Pakistan’s Foreign Policy


A country’s foreign policy is the mechanism by which it not only protects its interests in the region but also helps it establish a positive image in the world. Pakistan is clearly attempting to turn the country’s wheel in the right direction. It has succeeded in achieving peace along its northern borders. By combining them under the Province of KPK, the tribal territories have been given a road map to prosperity and development. Its role in Afghan Peace Process is quite notable.
Pakistan seeks to strengthen relations with other countries by returning to the negotiation table with important regional powers. However, in the coming year, Pakistan’s foreign policy would be focused on FIVE major sectors which include maintaining the relation with China and US While navigating the Sino-US tussle, coping with Afghanistan’s uncertainties, maintaining the relationship with India, and balancing connections between Saudi Arabia and neighbor Iran.
Pakistan’s relations with China will remain its overriding priority. CPEC plays a pivotal role in strengthening the economy of Pakistan. Similarly, it wants to have strong relations with the US amid Washington’s ongoing confrontation with Beijing. Managing ties with India will be a challenging task, especially given the Modi government’s harsh policies in occupied Kashmir and its push for demographic changes despite Pakistan’s protests. Pakistan has a close relationship with Saudi Arabia and both have strongly supported each other in times of need.

Pakistan has an excellent bilateral relations with Iran, and it has been undergoing a transformative phase. The latest barter deal is a positive step forward. We look forward to seeing the strong diplomatic game of Pakistan in order to secure its foreign policy goals.

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