No-Confidence Motion: The Tug of War Between Government and Opposition


Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday urged the nation to join him at the parade ground on March 27. Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry claimed that it would be a small “referendum” in the face of the no-confidence motion against the premier.
On PM’s call, thousands of supporters gathered at the federal capital to attend the rally titled “Amr-bel-Maroof” in reaction to the Opposition’s no-trust motion to show support to the Prime Minister. A massive crowd along with a long queue of vehicles with party flags and colorful banners was seen at the venue.
Explaining the concept of Amr Bil Maroof, the PM said that a nation is bound to wage jihad against evil and support the good.
While addressing the rally, Prime Minister Imran Khan revealed that “foreign elements” are involved in the attempts to topple his government and said, “some of our own people” are being used in this regard. The premier, while flashing a letter before the public, said that he has “written evidence” that “money has been pouring in from abroad,” while “some of our people are being used to topple the government.”
“For months, plotting and planning have been carried out to influence Pakistan’s foreign policy from the outside,” he claimed. “We know who’s behind it,” the prime minister stated, adding that a lot of things will be revealed to the people but at the correct moment.

PM also took a jibe at the Opposition and called out their “corruption” and stated that “robbers” continued saving each other by using the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) for the last 30 years. He said it was because of former president General Musharraf that these corrupt politicians got away with their wrongdoings through the NRO.

The premier also lauded his government’s achievements and said that history will show that no other government worked as much as the PTI government did for the country’s development. He also talked about several mega projects including dams and the Ravi City Project.
PM Imran said his government will maintain friendly ties with other states but will never become “a slave to anyone.” PM Imran continued his outburst on opposition leaders, saying he would not spare “corrupt leaders” even if it meant sacrificing his government or his life.



Meanwhile, the real political battle has been started inside the parliament house as the opposition rejects the government’s claims of economic growth and development and has pledged to give a tough time to the government.
The joint Opposition has submitted a no-trust motion against Chief Minister Usman Buzdar in the Punjab Assembly on Monday (Today).

Signed by 126 MPAs, the resolution stated “CM Usman Bazdar has lost the confidence of the majority of the House.” It said that the chief minister is not running the affairs of Punjab as per the Constitution and he has ruined the democratic norms in the province.
Lashing out at the ruling PTI, PML-N leader Rana Mashhood said that the government made new records of corruption and violated the merit, and did not provide any relief to the masses.
After the filing of the No-Confidence Motion, the Chief Minister cannot dissolve the Provincial Assembly, while the Speaker is bound to convene the Assembly meeting within fourteen days, according to Radio Pakistan.


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